Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Virginia is for Spring Lovers; Newfoundland is for Winter Lovers

Beautiful... from here in spring time Virginia This was taken by one of my cousins, who is about my height. Yep... this is about waist-high snow, and it was taken yesterday!

Here's another cousin digging out.
I don't miss digging the way out to the car or digging the way to the street, even with this power shovel. Brrrrrr!

Language barrier

For some reason my computer is no longer on speaking terms with my printer. I normally use my printer to upload photos.... so I can't post knittapalooza photos yet. I have to find my camera link.

I usually love technology, but things like this drive me insane! What happened between the computer and the printer? I mean when I went to bed one night did they stay up late and discuss politics or something? I bet the snazzy young laptop is going for Barak Obama, the printer... a bit older and more proper... Hillary, maybe? Or, could it be McCain?

It was a great weekend, but I will share the text with the photos.

Friday, March 14, 2008


OK. So today I saw Dawn wearing Sally Melville's kid mohair shirt. WOW! I wanted it when I saw Sally knitting it last year at knitapalooza! NOW I need it.

Tonight I bought 3 skeins of shi bui silk cloud, but I think I will need a wee bit of another skein. Anyone out there have any?

col. sc2501 lot 0907

It is a NEED! Certainly not a want!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Are you ready?

I have one swatch left to finish. :) I'm taking classes with each of the instructors.

HEEL! Learn Toe Up Socks with Mutt-Luks!
New Directions in Knitting With Color Mosaics
Fully Fashioned and Fabulous
Intermediate Lace Knitting

And don't forget the PJ Party! I now wish I had made a fabulous bed jacket. Didn't Lyn S. start one?

Photos?.... still a slacker.

I just finished the silk bolero. It is WOW! I'm going to wear it one day over the weekend and beg someone to take a photo, so it will get posted.