Monday, June 25, 2007

Small Swag

Here's the teeny tiny amount of swag purchased in Knitting Addiction.
I plan to make three of these:

See... remarkable, and awful, boring restraint.

I have been looking for the big purchase for TS. A car. So yarn $$$ must be saved. Bummer, huh?

Road Trip reprise

Our road trip was TOTALLY EXCELLENT, but I have no photographic evidence because I forgot my camera. :(

Knitting Addiction does have some cool stuff. I really liked the comfy seating at the front of the VERY large store. She also had a brag book for her knitters to show off finished projects. I met two fairly new knitters, both of whom are creating beautiful items.

We bought... I bought in moderation.... sigh! A yarn diet really cuts into my desire for a yarn free for all!

Patt increased her trunk stash... yes, you read correctly. This woman has more stash in the trunk of her car than some people have under their beds. As this is only her TRUNK stash, this means she ALSO has yarn in her house... probably everywhere! I did take a photo of the trunk stash on my cell phone... Now I have to figure out how to down/up load it. :)

The weather was beautiful, the company remarkable, and the yarn shop well worth the trip. In all a fabulous summer day.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Road Trip

A bunch of the women from Ewe Knits will be taking a road trip to Knitting Addiction on Sat. We're going to maul fondle maybe buy yarn. Don't you just love that maybe? I had planned to drive, but TS and his band play at Phil's Grill that evening, and he needs my car.

*SIGH* When his plans interfere with my knitting plans, I know it is time to car shop for him. UGH! I've been hunting and the AutoTrader. Andrea suggested CarMax, so I am looking there now.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ignore all directions

A bunch of us at Ewe Knits started a knitalong last night. The Alexa Wave Shell is beautiful, but HUGE!

My first cast on wrapped around my front, and 1/2 way around my back.

I am a petite person, and I usually have to size things down a bit, but this moves down from 108 stitches to 80 stitches for the front! Ack!

Dona noted that many patterns now come in plus sizes; why not petites too?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

hot knit knitalong

A bunch of the Ewe Knit regulars have been discussing doing the Audrey sweater from Melissa Leapman's Hot Knits.

I just looked up the yarn used; it is Lion Brand's Kool Wool. I don't want to use Kool Wool, but the specs are: in st st, with size 10.5 needles, 13 sts and 20 rows = 4". So, as soon as I return from the conference, I'm going through my stash. ;)

Knit in Public Day

June 9th was a beautiful, sunny day here in Va Beach. Bobbie, over at Ewe Knits had a BYOC (chair) and we sat to knit in the well-shaded, breezy walkway in front of the shop.

I won one of the drawings: knitting needles (circular and straight), water bottle, and special detergent for my precious knitted items. Cool, huh?

Groovy Girl (I CANNOT find her link now!!!) showed up, and I recognized her from her blog.

Andrea was knitting Adrienne Vittadini's, Alexa Wave Shell. It looks great. So.... we started talking about a knit-a-long. A little later, the Temptress quietly walked into the shop and bought yarn.
Wellllll we couldn't be outdone. So, we set it up with days and times, and in a very short time, you will see many of the Ewe Knit regulars sporting the Alexa Wave Shell in various color combinations.

Here are some of the other knitters:

Friday, June 8, 2007


I finished one and almost finished another baby sweater.

I made this one for a cousin in Newfoundland, and I just finished another one for a friend in California. They will never see each other, so their outfits won't clash. I like the version on the model, my cousin Benjamin. He's my first cousin's son, so what does that make him? My first cousin, once removed is my bet. Once removed means one generation down right?

I finished the sleeve on the yellow baby sweater, and now I have to move to the button band.

I'll be flying to Boston for a work conference next week, so I won't be working on anything big. I have some nice Fleece Artist sock yarn that I bought in Toronto last year, and I think that will be my travel knitting. I have some tiny Brittany needles that should pass the airline test.

I, who am NOT a morning person, am leaving for this trip at 4:45 in the morning. ICK! I SAY I will go to bed early, but somehow, I just know, it won't happen.

Friday, June 1, 2007