Monday, June 25, 2007

Small Swag

Here's the teeny tiny amount of swag purchased in Knitting Addiction.
I plan to make three of these:

See... remarkable, and awful, boring restraint.

I have been looking for the big purchase for TS. A car. So yarn $$$ must be saved. Bummer, huh?


kemtee said...

Bunnies are good. Everyone needs to stop and pet the bunny every now and then. And Oh My is nice and gooshy. So you'll have three nice… gooshy… bunnies.

Kinda like Peeps. Only not as sticky.

It beats a pile of scratchy ol' shetland wool, now, doesn't it? Especially in this heat.

maureen said...

:) Kinda like Peeps. Yeah! I can see it. No calories either.