Monday, June 25, 2007

Road Trip reprise

Our road trip was TOTALLY EXCELLENT, but I have no photographic evidence because I forgot my camera. :(

Knitting Addiction does have some cool stuff. I really liked the comfy seating at the front of the VERY large store. She also had a brag book for her knitters to show off finished projects. I met two fairly new knitters, both of whom are creating beautiful items.

We bought... I bought in moderation.... sigh! A yarn diet really cuts into my desire for a yarn free for all!

Patt increased her trunk stash... yes, you read correctly. This woman has more stash in the trunk of her car than some people have under their beds. As this is only her TRUNK stash, this means she ALSO has yarn in her house... probably everywhere! I did take a photo of the trunk stash on my cell phone... Now I have to figure out how to down/up load it. :)

The weather was beautiful, the company remarkable, and the yarn shop well worth the trip. In all a fabulous summer day.


kemtee said...

So you bought in moderation… but what DID you buy? Inquiring minds want to know!

(my moderation word: "skuzi." I guess I'm being reminded of my manners, so… pretty please to show off your loot?)

maureen said...

:) Love your sweater. Great fit.