Friday, March 30, 2007


Picture this...
It is just before dusk...dim...not dark, and I was returning from grocery shopping and lugging the stuff into the house.
A man rode by on a bike, and in a deep voice, he said "hey there." "Yeah You!" I continued to carry the stuff and offered a dirty look.

He said, "Helloooo." I swear I didn't recognize him. Then he said, "Hi Neighbor!...Next door neighbor!"

Yep. It was my next door neighbor!!! AAAACK. It got worse. I told him, he didn't sound like himself... his voice isn't as deep as he had made it sound at first...but, thank heaven I didn't say that part.

He had on a bulky jacket. So, I told him he looked bulkier ... did not get to finish my sentence... He said, "Thanks!" Nope... not good.

After much hemming and hawing on my part... tongue in knots... could not talk.... URGH! escaped....

His hair is also a bit longer and so, he appears much grayer... At least I didn't say that.

THEN.... I called one of my friends, another neighbor. Her phone rang, a woman answered.... I said, "Hey... Omigod, you are not going to believe how I just embarrassed myself and insulted Chad." The woman laughed. Then as I told her about it, she punctuated the conversation with laughs and questions in the right places.

When I ended with, "Can you believe it?!?" She said no... and that I had the wrong number, but she was glad I had called because it was better than TV! Well that made the two of us laugh hysterically. I was fairly certain I had dialed the right prefix, so I asked if she lived in Thalia and would be able to mock me to all our mutual neighbors...

She responded, "I don't know where Thalia is." Whew... I thought...

Then she continued. I am from Utah. Guess where my friend's mother-in-law is from? Yep. Utah. But she thought I had dialed the wrong number! When I told her I really was calling for Lisa, she seemed quite surprised.... although she was answering Lisa's phone, in Lisa's house.

Now I am trying to decide whether
a) she was weird for carrying on the conversation.
b) I am weird... for all of the above.... and just having one of those days
c) all of the above.

When in doubt c out.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Swag photos

Here's my swag from Knittapalooza.

In the bag

and on the loose

Rio de la plata yarn and a pattern too. Thanks to Bobbie at Ewe Knit Kits and Yarns for this excellent addition to my stash. I am thinking of using Sally Melville's stripes that aren't technique, and blend this yarn with either a navy blue or dark green every third row.

But first I must finish Starlight.

Knit, knit, knit. Why does work have to interfere with my knitting time?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Who's Buying Knit Wits?

VB has 5 LYS. Ewe Knit Kits and Yarns, Hook and I, the Knitting Corner, Yarn Basket, and Knit Wits, which WAS going out of business. But I just received my guild newsletter, and the Knit Wit's ad says they are staying open. Their web site says the same.

So, who is buying Knit Wits? Anyone know?


Once again, while surrounded by yarn and yarny things, I showed much restraint. I didn't buy frivolously. In fact, two skeins of koigu that I was drooling over escaped me. The lady buying them assured me they were going to a good home. She wore beautiful sweaters each day of Knittapalooza, so I am certain she can be believed.

I bought Hot Knits by Melissa Leapman.
Several of the Wednesday night knitters are talking about a knit-along for the shapely, cabled Audrey sweater. I love it, and it is knit in a bulky weight yarn, with only 4 cables total. After Starlight, I'm going to need a little IG (instant gratification).

I have started the sleeves on Starlight. No photos, because it needs to be on a body to show up. I'm home alone today, and though I can emulate the MySpace at arm's length photos, I just can't seem to get the sweater to show up that well. And as that is the point....

Now, on the Noni bag, I need to sew in the zip right? I am teaching the class in a few weeks, and it would be good to have it on display. Right? Why, oh why am I procrastinating then? Could it be because it is soooooooo much easier to take the zipper to Stacey and have her zap it together for me? Can I just tell my students to do that too? ;)

*Sigh* I guess I'll do it today, grumble, grumble, grumble. You know that takes away from my knitting time. And tonight I am roadie mom again. Jeremiah and the other Couch Jumpers are playing at Relative Theory. Tonight I am bringing my class socks.

Joanne is teaching, not just any old sock class, but toe-up, turkish cast on, magic loop, two socks at one time. Whew!

You can see I just turned the heel on my first sock, and before I act as roadie mom, I plan to turn the other heel. I need concentration for that effort. Once the heel is completed, it is two calfs' worth of mindless knitting...and I'm done. But first I must sew in a zipper...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

KnittaPalooza 2007

Today is Tuesday; two days after the end of Knittapalooza 2007, and I am still recuperating from the weekend... and I still haven't come up with a good way to tell you about the event. I attended my first Knittapalooza, two years ago, where I took a couple of classes with Lily Chin. She taught reversible cable patterns. The classes were great, and I was hooked on Knittapalooza.

Last year, I didn't even consider doing just one day, I signed up for the entire weekend, and my husband gifted me with the event for Christmas/b-day. Lucy Neatby, Lyn Worley, and Virginia's own, Edie Eckman and Linda Fraille taught classes. Linda is a local spinner who is also a member of TKGV. I learned a cool bind off from Lucy, Lyn discussed short row shaping along with talks about color choices, and I learned that I found drop spindle spinning cumbersome from Linda Fraille. The wheel was magical from the first time I touched it.

This year, Sally Melville, Judy Pascale, Cindy Taylor, and Natalie Wilson taught. I took several classes and sat in on two "lectures" with Sally. She was a fabulous teacher and a joy to be around. At dinner on both Fri. and Sat. night, she joined a group of us, and we talked knitting (DUH!), creative children, Canada, and the wonderful weather on her arrival (that quickly deteriorated to pouring rain and cold temps the second day.)

I was surrounded all weekend by fabulous knitters. I wish I had taken more photos of the sweaters people were wearing and the knitting in almost every lap. Too cool for lengthy descriptions...only photos would do them justice! I already placed a deposit on next year's fun... Melissa Leapman, Anne Modesitt, and
Margaret Fisher. I am greatly looking forward to the classes.

OK. I know this is what most of you, especially Vickie are waiting for: photos

Sally Melville and I.

Judy Pascale showing us how to easily block our beaded shawls.

Mary Jo working on our toe-up, magic loop socks. Both of us are behind for our Wed. night class... knit, knit, knit.

Peggie in her beautiful entrelac Noro sweater.

Terry (AKA the Temptress)

And if that wasn't enough, there were oodles and oodles of door prizes. I could almost swear everyone went home with something! Look what Barb won.
Barb has so much yarn she keeps A LOT of it in a heated and air conditioned storage unit! We tried to convince her that she didn't need 7 additional skeins of Purled Llama yarns, but she merely ignored us! But she did allow a photo. Note her beautiful Norwegian. She teaches a Norwegian class for The Knitting Corner. Susan, the owner also attended Knittapalooza and took classes with Sally.

I'll show you my swag by the end of the week.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Prism bag

Here's a Noni bag, the small prism.

It is supposed to be solid colors, but I had 2 different dye lots of Cascade's red. Once felted, I figured it wouldn't make that much difference, but I ran a couple of rows of navy blue through the center to make sure.

Though it is as cute as all get out, I don't love it. It is the EXACT height, depth, and length expected with only one heavy-duty, hot wash in my trusty Kenmore. I'd heard of other people having problem shrinking these bags down to size.

Even with the correct size according to the pattern, I still don't love it because it is too long. Maybe it would make a nice needle holder if I used straights. At 18" long, 5" high, and 5" deep, it is way too long and skinny for me.

Is it sacrilege to modify Noni patterns? I feel some changes coming on for this little cutie. To think I almost made the bigger bag... read longer and almost as skinny!!! I want it shorter in length and longer from top to bottom. Once I finish Starlight, or OK.... I know myself, BEFORE I finish Starlight, I'm going to want to fix modify this baby. I have some nice Cascade in navy blue and turquoise. I'm thinking the patterned bag... my way.

Total knitting weekend

This weekend, I'm going to knitapalooza.

I have classes with Sally Melville, Cindy Taylor, and Judy Pascale.

I cannot believe Sally Melville doesn't have her own website. Maybe I am overlooking something.

Cindy Taylor of these lovely stockings

and this jacket

apparently doesn't have one either.

Maybe they are too busy knitting. If they were in my shoes, they would have Starlight finished, not to here:

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

I should have completed much knitting while on spring break. I didn't. I cleaned house UGH! visited the doctor... real shoes are now allowed, and had the taxes done. We may owe!!!! Let me tell you, it is shocking! I cannot believe that 2 teachers generate enough money to owe the IRS. Come on.... we don't live the luxe life... though I do buy luxe yarn.

Anyway, I also played Roadie Mom. Bragging ahead:

My favorite son.... So serious.

Taken from the 2nd floor at the Norva.

And after their show, Jeremiah hung out with some knitters. Check out 2 of TKGV's young knitters. Jeremiah and Laurel.

The Couch Jumpers with my niece Meagan and Maggie, who also knits,

We had a great time. The band sounded great; their timing was right on. Too cool.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Guess what I worked on while traveling to and from NYC?

I chose Starlight, and it is getting there.

While in NYC, we made it to School Products.

I showed remarkable restraint.

That is it! I am on a blue streak, and these yarns met my wish list. The bottom is silk, the top, bright blue is lace-weight cashmere, and the middle two are cashmere silk blend. They feel great.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

upward growth on Starlight

This has been a hectic week. Meetings, meetings, meetings. And none in which I could knit. This makes me cranky!

But tomorrow, I'm going out of town to NYC, and my sister is driving half the time. Yep! Knitting time. It's just a weekend trip, but Peggie suggested I visit School Products.... and there should be killer deals. :) I am bringing extra $$ for the visit.

TS wants to visit CBGBs. It is right on the way, and I could give my props to the Ramones. We'll see. My sister and niece are not as "into" punk rock... and none of them are as "into" yarn. *Sigh*

I've made a bit more progress on Starlight, but I want it done NOW!

Now, what knitting should I pack? I think Starlight is not portable enough. So maybe this?

Or this?
Or this?
Or this?