Thursday, March 15, 2007

Prism bag

Here's a Noni bag, the small prism.

It is supposed to be solid colors, but I had 2 different dye lots of Cascade's red. Once felted, I figured it wouldn't make that much difference, but I ran a couple of rows of navy blue through the center to make sure.

Though it is as cute as all get out, I don't love it. It is the EXACT height, depth, and length expected with only one heavy-duty, hot wash in my trusty Kenmore. I'd heard of other people having problem shrinking these bags down to size.

Even with the correct size according to the pattern, I still don't love it because it is too long. Maybe it would make a nice needle holder if I used straights. At 18" long, 5" high, and 5" deep, it is way too long and skinny for me.

Is it sacrilege to modify Noni patterns? I feel some changes coming on for this little cutie. To think I almost made the bigger bag... read longer and almost as skinny!!! I want it shorter in length and longer from top to bottom. Once I finish Starlight, or OK.... I know myself, BEFORE I finish Starlight, I'm going to want to fix modify this baby. I have some nice Cascade in navy blue and turquoise. I'm thinking the patterned bag... my way.


vlb5757 said...

My goodness you are a busy girl! I hope that you have a good time with Sally. I bought two of her books and still need to buy Purl. I can't wait to see the pictures from the weekend. Learn lots and come and teach us!

I have two leaflets for Noni bags. I guess I will be really careful when I make them. I don't want a huge bag but I don't want a make-up size either.

DeltaDawn said...

Cindy Taylor would say you can do ANYTHING you want with that Noni bag - no sacrilege involved!

It was great to see you too - and I think I'm going to have to come play with you guys at the Guild finally - don't know what I've been waiting for, and if this unbelievably wonderful weekend taught me anything, it's that I want to be around knitters all the time!

maureen said...

:) I took only 1 Cindy Taylor class. She's going to do a "knitting retreat" in Nag's Head/Duck in Nov. Hmmm... It sure sounds interesting to me.

The Guild has some really cool programs this year.... a bus trip to MD Sheep and Wool, Edie Eckman will be teaching classes in Sept., there will be a bus trip to Stitches for people who don't want to stay up there, and in Jan. of next year...I cannot believe we're planning that far ahead...Maureen Mason-Jamieson will be down for a weekend of knitting. So, come play.