Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

I should have completed much knitting while on spring break. I didn't. I cleaned house UGH! visited the doctor... real shoes are now allowed, and had the taxes done. We may owe!!!! Let me tell you, it is shocking! I cannot believe that 2 teachers generate enough money to owe the IRS. Come on.... we don't live the luxe life... though I do buy luxe yarn.

Anyway, I also played Roadie Mom. Bragging ahead:

My favorite son.... So serious.

Taken from the 2nd floor at the Norva.

And after their show, Jeremiah hung out with some knitters. Check out 2 of TKGV's young knitters. Jeremiah and Laurel.

The Couch Jumpers with my niece Meagan and Maggie, who also knits,

We had a great time. The band sounded great; their timing was right on. Too cool.

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