Friday, March 30, 2007


Picture this...
It is just before dusk...dim...not dark, and I was returning from grocery shopping and lugging the stuff into the house.
A man rode by on a bike, and in a deep voice, he said "hey there." "Yeah You!" I continued to carry the stuff and offered a dirty look.

He said, "Helloooo." I swear I didn't recognize him. Then he said, "Hi Neighbor!...Next door neighbor!"

Yep. It was my next door neighbor!!! AAAACK. It got worse. I told him, he didn't sound like himself... his voice isn't as deep as he had made it sound at first...but, thank heaven I didn't say that part.

He had on a bulky jacket. So, I told him he looked bulkier ... did not get to finish my sentence... He said, "Thanks!" Nope... not good.

After much hemming and hawing on my part... tongue in knots... could not talk.... URGH! escaped....

His hair is also a bit longer and so, he appears much grayer... At least I didn't say that.

THEN.... I called one of my friends, another neighbor. Her phone rang, a woman answered.... I said, "Hey... Omigod, you are not going to believe how I just embarrassed myself and insulted Chad." The woman laughed. Then as I told her about it, she punctuated the conversation with laughs and questions in the right places.

When I ended with, "Can you believe it?!?" She said no... and that I had the wrong number, but she was glad I had called because it was better than TV! Well that made the two of us laugh hysterically. I was fairly certain I had dialed the right prefix, so I asked if she lived in Thalia and would be able to mock me to all our mutual neighbors...

She responded, "I don't know where Thalia is." Whew... I thought...

Then she continued. I am from Utah. Guess where my friend's mother-in-law is from? Yep. Utah. But she thought I had dialed the wrong number! When I told her I really was calling for Lisa, she seemed quite surprised.... although she was answering Lisa's phone, in Lisa's house.

Now I am trying to decide whether
a) she was weird for carrying on the conversation.
b) I am weird... for all of the above.... and just having one of those days
c) all of the above.

When in doubt c out.


Linda said...


Now I can't remember the smart remark I was going to leave. But hey, the story is even funnier when reading!

Kimberly said...

It's a very cute story and it doesn't make you sound weird.