Thursday, March 1, 2007

upward growth on Starlight

This has been a hectic week. Meetings, meetings, meetings. And none in which I could knit. This makes me cranky!

But tomorrow, I'm going out of town to NYC, and my sister is driving half the time. Yep! Knitting time. It's just a weekend trip, but Peggie suggested I visit School Products.... and there should be killer deals. :) I am bringing extra $$ for the visit.

TS wants to visit CBGBs. It is right on the way, and I could give my props to the Ramones. We'll see. My sister and niece are not as "into" punk rock... and none of them are as "into" yarn. *Sigh*

I've made a bit more progress on Starlight, but I want it done NOW!

Now, what knitting should I pack? I think Starlight is not portable enough. So maybe this?

Or this?
Or this?
Or this?

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