Tuesday, July 3, 2007

bit 'o braggin'

Pick it up! Pick it up! Can you tell this post is not about knitting?

TS, and the other Couch Jumpers will be playing at the Jewish Mother on Sat. July 7th, at 8:p.m. Ska bands Jackmove and Murphy's Kids will perform, The Couch Jumpers are the opening act.

Come down to the Jewish Mother, this roadie mom will definitely be there. I will be embarrassing (only slightly) TS by knitting during all shows. ;)


kemtee said...

Woo hoo for good gigs at cool places!!

maureen said...

Too true. I think I'll get there early and eat. This way I can have a seat.

vlb5757 said...

Maureen, I really wish I could come and see the kids. I have to work in Sandbridge bright and early Sunday morning. I know they will be great!