Sunday, July 8, 2007

Jewish Mother

The show went well! Yay! Jeremiah did an interesting move.... stood on his amp to jump at the finale... but the amp was on wheels tonight... so it rolled. He hit the stage on his back, kept playing, and kicked up his legs to entertain the crowd! The kid has chutzpah! Where did he come from? I never had this self confidence at 16.

We also heard a great band tonight: Murphy's Kids. These guys are worth the bucks, and they are playing at the Peppermint Beach Club in VB on July 21. I'm going, with my son and at least one car load of kids. Will I see you there? Bring your knitting.

The "more seasoned band" sounded like they were trying too hard. They were unnecessarily vulgar. All of us left because they used a derogatory term for women... and those of us at my table who were paying for the evening food and drinks for 8 or 9 people were... you got it ... WOMEN! We left. I, and the other women at our table and at other tables who were doing the paying, can spend our $$$ elsewhere.

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