Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back to work

Tomorrow, I begin spring semester classes. I am not ready. Well, my plans are ready, and my syllabi are ready, but mentally, I am not ready. I bet at least half of my students feel the same way. Who am I kidding? I bet 99% of them feel the same way.

I have an afternoon class tomorrow. My afternoon classes typically fill with students who are, shall we say, less than energetic. Can I require them to drink Red Bull or at least Mountain Dew? Maybe I'll be surprised, and they will be different this semester. :)

Knitting note: I saw Linda's Mr. Greenjeans in person today. It looks great!


kemtee said...

One of the (few) things I remember doing in college was trotting my happy butt down to the 7-11 at 31st and University for a Big Gulp that was half Mountain Dew and half Pepsi. Tasted vile, but it kept me awake. Also gave me heart flutters from all the caffeine, but hey -- the things we do when we're paying 14K a year for a degree, right?

maureen said...

heart flutters were just a minor side effect. right?