Thursday, January 3, 2008


Does everyone know about Yarndex? I find it to be a very useful tool. I'm planning to make Mr. Greenjeans with yarn from my stash. (Yeah, I know I am finishing Audrey 2, and starting Lora's Opera sweater, and still need to finish Rowan's Sparkle, but I can plan, can't I?)

So,anyway, I used the Yarndex to determine the info. for the original yarn. It looks like I have a few yarns that will work. I wish work didn't interfere so frequently with my knitting time.


kemtee said...

Yarndex has its limitations, but it's always helped me answer questions. You'll look smashing in Mr. Greenjeans.

Linda said...

I do use Yarndex when I remeber. Mr. Greenjeans was fun to knit. I'm thinking of either a red Cascade 220 or black Berocco Love It for my next one.

maureen said...

I've noticed a few missing, but current yarns on Yarndex, but I like it.

I've seen photos of Linda's Mr. Greenjeans, and I'm hoping to see the real thing next week. How about it?

I vote for Love it on the sweater; though red would look great on you.