Saturday, February 23, 2008

Maureen Mason Jamieson Workshops

Because I ran out of time, I haven't blogged about the workshops two weekends ago. (In English teacher talk I just changed a noun [blog] into a verb [blog, blogged, blogging] FYI: blog is a neologism... aren't you glad you checked in to read this stuff?).

Anyway, here is the scoop about the wonderful workshops provided by Maureen Mason Jamieson, which were sponsored by the Tidewater Knitting Guild of Virginia.

We learned how to use up our stash... for me, this will be a loooonnng process.

How to create hand-made items with our stash...vs. the negatively connotative: home made. What a difference between these two, right?

We also learned about shawl making and advanced mitering. What an excellent weekend!

Maureen's beautiful shawl. She bought some of this yarn at a thrift store! Don't you suspect that the black yarn cost as much or much, much more than the thrift store purchase? ;)

Jackie S. hard at work.

Linda J. and Maureen Mason Jamieson

Maureen Mason Jamieson and I

I bought a crochet pattern! I am not 100% sure how to read the pattern, but because it is beautiful, I plan to make the sweater anyway. :)


Linda said...

Has it been 2 weeks? Great pictures. Especially love the Donegal Tweed Green Sweater ;)


maureen said...

Ha! It does look good, doesn't it?