Friday, February 22, 2008

A week in Florida

Hi All,
I just returned from a week in Orlando, where, believe it or not, I did A LOT of knitting. I finished all the body parts and sleeves, and crocheted everything together for the Sparkle sweater. While finishing it, I was able to freak out all the techie folks at this conference by knitting while asking tough questions. SWEEET.

Photos to follow.

I think I ran out of yarn for the front/neck band!!! I used Cascade's Venezia. It is great to work with and a very good price. I hope Bobbie at Ewe Knit has an extra skein in my dye lot. At least it is just the trim, right?

Stacey also has the zipper in Audrey. VERY nice. Photos do not do it any kind of justice.


kemtee said...

Don't you love playing with people's heads like that?

Pictures! We want pictures!

maureen said...

I sure do like messing with people's heads. :) Pictures ASAP.