Tuesday, May 8, 2007

First Destash Sales

I know posting twice in the same day makes me look as addicted to my blog as some teenagers are hooked on MySpace... not naming any names TS or Dancer Niece.

But I wanted this to post separately, instead of in the last one.

I sold my first two sets of yarn on Destash... I already feel the slimming effects. I had responses from the first day! Very cool.

So far, I have resisted buying more stash from Destash, but that is because I TOTALLY missed the Koigu. I really like the springy feel and stunning colors of this yarn.

To help keep my resistance, I've given myself a goal. At the end of this week, I'll post a little more of the stash I may never get to, and if I sell $200, I'm going to allow myself a little splurge. Fair, right?


Linda said...

BE U T FULL!!!!! I can tell all those that can't see it in person it looks "store bought" and from an expensive store too!

PS Your comments are gone again.

maureen said...

Thank you. I'll go try to fix comments again. *SIGH*