Monday, May 28, 2007

A Little Knitting

I saw Pirates of the Caribbean, I don't care what the reviews said, I liked it. Went with TS and some of our friends, plus I had 3 hours of mindless knitting... What is not to like?

I finished the almost made to gift status scarf. This yarn Cashmere/Silk Melange from School Products, is fabulous. So.... it won't be a gift... I am keeping this little mistake stitch rib number for me.

I'll be ordering some more of this yarn though. At $10 a skein, it is a steal.

In baby sweater news, I have only sleeves to go.


twellve said...

you knit during the movie? hadn't heard of that one yet. not sure i trust myself to knit in the near darkness.

maureen said...

Knitting in movies is not difficult. Choose an easy pattern and one with no shaping...or at least no shaping for the length of the movie. (scarves work really well).

I noticed Wendy at Knit and Tonic said those lighted needles would distract her... me too. So, I do my movie knitting by touch.

I also knit at concerts (and Tide's games like Drive by Thinking). I have one sock that I completed at a Bruce Springsteen concert. It was the one where he came alone, and everyone sat in seats. Really, I saw very, very little standing or arm waving. Great concert...and I have a souvenir of my own making in addition to the necessary concert-goer's gear.


I just knit a 10"x10" square to make a catnip toy for my cat. It only took me 4 months. I haven't knit since I was in Grade 5, and I'm 60 years old now. Oh, and I liked Pirates of the Caribbean, too.

I found your post on Gone to the Dogs and I notice you like Newfoundland blogs. My blog is of my grandfather's poetry and it is very much Newfoundland.

maureen said...

George's granddaughter/grandson. Great photos, and you are right, the dialect reminds me of home.