Friday, May 4, 2007

I figured out buttons!

Are you impressed or what? It did take m-u-c-h fiddling about, but I did it.

I also posted on Destash. So, maybe my reduction plan will soon allow me off the yarn diet.

But... check out the Cashmere merino from School Products that was just listed there.... and Misti Alpaca listed further down. Temptations... I keep telling myself stay the course.

I am finished grading for today, more will arrive online tonight and tomorrow. The end is near... and the new beginning.... summer semester is also only a few weeks away.

For now, I'm going to bench press, and then I'll work on Starlight... I finished the sleeves! Time to put it together and finish the front bands.


Kimberly said...

I'm clueless about buttons but hoping to learn some new techniques this year. Looking forward to seeing your button work!

maureen said...

I cheated. :)
I added a page element on blogger.
Here's how:
Then I went to another page where someone used buttons correctly.

I clicked View> Page Source
and searched for the words under that button.

Then, I cut and pasted, and substituted my info. After some minor messing about, it worked.