Friday, January 12, 2007

Jan. 12

The lace-wing socks are calling to me.
Cascade Fixation, easy lace, and shortie socks. Three of my favorite things all together...and I have dozens of Fixation in my stash.

The lace-wing socks are calling, even though I am working on the WIPs below:

the bottom of the Einstein ,

the Guild Knit Along sampler

a car sock for TS

and I’m lusting after Starlight.

Returning to teaching this week really cut into my knitting time! Today’s mantra is KNIT FASTER, KNIT FASTER.

I’m really liking the sock for TS. He’s into ska music and because ska and checks go together, he asked me to design and knit them for him. Check out that heel! I think I’ll call them ska sock when I’m finished. Then lace-wing becomes the new car sock.

I get to play roadie tomorrow night. The Couch Jumpers, (TS’ band) will be playing at a local karate studio. I’m bringing my knitting. I certainly won’t be jumping up and down, or skanking

[English prof. aside: I wonder if this is the correct form of the word…. Or is it doing the skank?]. Anyway...I'm wearing an air cast on my left foot, so no skanking for me.


L said...

You sleep when?

maureen said...

:) I just don't need a lot of sleep. Maybe it is all those yarn dreams...

msmouce said...

I don't think Maureen ever sleeps, at least not that I'm aware of...

Thanks, Maureen, for inviting me in. I am inspired by the facility with which you are creating and posting. I feel nudged to get back to work on my own blog (between classes, so to speak). I, however, do sleep occasionally, so I will bid you adieu... S.

maureen said...

I do so sleep...maybe I can knit in my sleep... Who knows? I am certainly addicted enough to knitting to try.