Friday, January 5, 2007

I am supposed to be working on the website that supports my teaching, but the website is unavailable. So...having a little time on my hands, I read the Yarn Harlot’s most recent post. She’s going to speak to the Kitchener Waterloo Knitter’s Guild. My mind wandered... and wondered. Kitchener-Waterloo reminded me of Grumperina’s grafting skills, which led to wondering why grafting is called Kitchener stitch.

Because I am originally from Newfoundland, Canada, and I have family in Toronto, I knew about Kitchener-Waterloo, the “twin cities,” and I knew Kitchener was some British military guy, but that was it. How did grafting become associated with this “British military guy?” Ah… how my mind wanders… or allows me to stay away from cleaning and other sundry chores.

An search and few mouse clicks taught me that I am not the only person who pondered this question.

Of course, as I was on the site, I had to look around. A quick skim of the reference category has enticed me to add this link to my blog visiting list.

In personal knitting news, I continue on my Guild knit along, the Blues Band Guild Vest, also known as the Sampler Guild Vest. After taking the photo, I see two, big, honking mistakes! I think I’ll just fudge them instead of frogging. Yesterday, because I fell victim to peer pressure/envy, I started yet another project. More about that one later.


L said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog Maureen. It's been interesting doing research to find stitch/yarn to fit the personality that I knew of my aunts and uncles. Let's see I still have 3 aunts, 1 uncle and my mother!

I was going to play with organizing the Guilds photo's but think I'll work on the new project I brought home last night for a store sample. Linda

msmouce said...

Okay, Maureen, I'm guessing "stash" refers to collected lengths of yarn and/or patterns? Forgive my ignorance. I only crochet, in a limited way, and haven't knitted for years. I am somewhat intrigued, however, and am beginning to feel a tug, as it were, in your direction. Perhaps I should leave off for now before I catch the fever.