Sunday, April 22, 2007



The Dell Techie Geeks, housed somewhere in India, told my son that installing new operating system disks would NOT erase personal data!!!!!! He did it! I am so screwed! Everything for my summer classes was on there. Yes, I can recreate... but it will take weeks of hard work.

My final exams were on there. Again, they can be recreated... but more time.

All our music has been deleted. DAMN.

And all photos are gone.

I am FREAKING mad. I talked to 3 different levels of support/management... and no one could do more than say how sorry they were.... OH yeah... and they'd be sure to talk to those two technicians so that they wouldn't make that mistake again!!!! How EXACTLY does this help me?!?!

The next level up Geek is supposed to call me on Tues. I want them to pay for Drive Savers, and I don't care how much it costs them.


Seriously, does Mac outsource their tech support?

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