Friday, April 20, 2007

Virginia Tech

I just visited Rose-Kim Knits to check our her weekly "What the Hell is This?" ...aside... Thank you, thank you, thank you... jessica for the entertainment, especially this week.

On Tues., she said: "I'm tired of our response to violence. All the endless obsessing over the killer and searching for something in his behavior that will explain the terrible thing he did. The headline "VA Tech Killer Had Mental Problems" just makes me think, 'No shit.'"

Me too.

I too am saddened by the deaths and injuries to these young people and their professors. I am sickened by the violence wrought by one unbalanced individual.

But I too am tired of our response.... actually, I am a little angry at our collective responses to such violence because I think the on air, and other media obsession with such individuals....encourages other unbalanced people to follow on this path.

And that most definitely is NOT our goal. TV stations, radio stations, and other media sources must "sell;" it doesn't mean we have to buy. I refuse to look at the images, or read one word about the killer.

I will read and think about those lost and their families.

And I will vote for sensible gun control, because the Virginia Tech massacre truly should not have happened.


uberstrickenfrau said...

Hi! I came over here by way of Rose Kim and I so agree with you about the whole bad news sells, I have chosen not to listen and watch every second of this tragedy, they squeeze so much horror out of this you start becoming numb, and it begins to lose its impact on your heart.

maureen said...

Too true. I don't want this horror to cause me to become numb, and I don't want the evil doer to win more of my attention than the people we lost that day.

Laura said...

Great post Maureen. Great perspective. I'm not watching. It's just what he WANTED. I'm all about prevention but let's not reward this guy with attention after doing something so terrible. My thoughts are with the families that lost their children.

maureen said...

Thanks, Laura. I teach at a community college here in VA; many of profs attended Tech, and many of our former students went or are going there now. The families and these folks deserve, and therefore get my thoughts.