Monday, April 30, 2007

Starlight at the end of the tunnel

Yes, I am finally near the end with Starlight. Committee work, grading, and computer woes, have really s-l-o-w-e-d this project down. :(

I am up to my arm pits, usually not a good thing, but in this case a very good thing!

It is final exam week... so I won't have much time. Add to that 2 committee meetings and a going away dinner for a friend, and well... I am over booked again this week.

One HURRAY! I was accepted on Destash

Yes! Cash for, well not all, but SOME of my stash, because all would
1) clog Destash, and they would kick me OFF
2) cause me to have a nervous breakdown
3) cause me to restock... rapidly. (I bet my LYSs would love this).
4) all of the above.

As I tell my students, when "all of the above" is a choice... it has a good chance of being correct.

I took some photos today, and on my list of things to do tomorrow:
make them look good
carefully read the instructions to post on Destash.

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