Wednesday, April 18, 2007

TS is Officially Driving

Jeremiah is officially driving now. He's taken his first ride in my car without an adult! He drove to Moe's Music to take in his small amplifier. He caught it on fire!

Monday night we saw Great Big Sea. They were great ;) (one person who shall remain nameless... who reads...but doesn't comment... asked: was that an intentional pun? ... hmmmm..... you KNOW me.... what do you think?)

I cannot believe the theater didn't sell out! In Newfoundland we wouldn't have even gotten close to them! Here in Norfolk, we sat right on top of them. After the show we chased them down at their bus. These guys are Canadian superstars, yet they stood for photos with us, and chatted kindly with the kids and all the people out there waiting. These guys really are superstars.

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