Friday, April 20, 2007

cursed dell

After a week, many phone calls, downloading programs, turning "stuff" off, turning "stuff" on, and generally talking far, far too long to tech support at Dell, my USB drives and printer are still not talking to my computer.

This all started when my son's Dell DJ (mp3) died. This is the third one, and we have a warranty, so, no big deal.

BUT when he received the replacement, the pop-up said..the DJ had been bought for use in a foreign country; therefore, it wouldn't work in the U.S.

Back to the Dell help lines... after hours of work, the decision was to ship this one back and have another replacement sent.

In the meantime, my DJ stopped talking to the computer.

Another call to the help lines.... and so it goes.

Anyway no photos this week because of the cursed Dell.

I am beginning to lean MAC.


kemtee said...

Come over to the dark side… the Apple calls… :-)

Really -- I just had this discussion with a coworker this morning.

BTW -- officially de-lurking and must say that I like the blog. Nice to read someone local for a change.

maureen said...

I'll be checking your blog out. I'm in a rush right now, but those dinosaur photos are a hoot.