Saturday, February 17, 2007


Would working on a project that I started before Starlight be considered cheating?

I really don’t think these count as cheating at all:

I finished (except for all the weaving of loose strands) the Guild Vest.

I semi-finished a Norwegian style sweater that I started last year...
and left sitting in a knitting basket for about 11 months. Technically, Starlight constitutes cheating on this sweater. Now it just needs the front bands, buttons, and ...once again...weaving.

Strictly speaking, can these really be considered cheating? After all, they did come before Starlight.

Ahem...then there is this little number.

But here’s a good reason: I went to a movie, and Starlight doesn’t lend itself well to movie knitting. (BTW Music and Lyrics was a thoroughly enjoyable movie. I wish Kristen Johnston had a bigger role...I loved her in 3rd Rock from the Sun).

And then there’s this:

which will be a booga bag…or something close to a booga bag. This one, I admit, is CHEATING. But I need some instant gratification.

Here’s where I am on Starlight...

Honestly, this barely discernible lengthening represents hours of work, and there is very little difference from the last set of photos...SIGH! So, I shall...knit on...

My youngest sister was just here... and she said Starlight looked....square... or blocky! AAAACK. Just last month, I ripped out the Einstein jacket because it looked Sponge Bobish on me! I have curves; this is stretchy. Starlight will be fine. RIGHT?!?!?

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