Sunday, February 25, 2007

Knit weekend

I am continuing up the slope and neck/shoulders of Starlight, but really, it still looks no different than before. :(

I finished the Guild Vest and wore it to work last week. It looks better on than in the photos displaying it on the chair. I'll have to get TS to take my photo.

The booga bag is also finished...soon to be felted. And I saw another movie, Because I Said So, so the scarf is almost finished too. I know; I know...had I worked on Starlight INSTEAD of these items, I could have another inch or two of not very visible progress.

Yesterday, I took a class with Martha Marques. Her sweater that can be scaled up for any size, from doll to adult, is cute as can be.

Today, I am meeting some people who are knitting the Guild Vest at a local Barnes and Noble. We are going to check the math...

Not so secret info. about me: I don’t enjoy math. Can I do it? Yes...but I have to go slowly...think carefully...eliminate auditory get the idea. I look like the village idiot while I am doing it. UGH! And to subjugate myself to doing MATH in public, with several guild members waiting for me...PRESSURE.

To alleviate my stress, and give me a reward, in advance, for this arduous task (OK… it is simple math...the aforementioned IN PUBLIC is what makes it arduous), I am going to Ann Taylor Loft FIRST. Yes, I am getting/giving my reward before I complete the task. Tee hee.

Tonight I go to a fundraiser ceili for the dancers going the Oireachtas from the An Cor Rud, the company with whom my niece dances. Here are a couple of photos.

Can you believe I donated knitted items (hat and purse) for the fundraiser?

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