Saturday, February 10, 2007

Feb. 10
On Wed. evening, I stopped by Ewe Knits for a little knitting.

See this woman?

I call her the Temptress. Before I sat down, she said, “Maureen go look at the yarn on the table under the window.” Like a hound following a scent, I tracked this absolutely fabulous yarn.

I love it. It feels great, the colors are great… I WANT it. But I just bought silk...and I am knitting from my stash unless there is a killer deal.

WAH! I still want it.

But Tilli Tomas isn’t likely to go out of business before I finish knitting from my stash, is she?


Laura said...

Starlight is looking so nice!! Love the color you're using.

Tilli Thomas. My daughter wanted a sweater she saw in a magazine that used some TT yarn. Until I saw how much it cost. I informed her that she couldn't want it any more. heh

maureen said...

:) I know... I am a working grown-up... and I still have to pause before considering the TT yarn.

Terry said...


You are hysterical...and so much fun. I ended up knitting a sample bag from one of the TT bag kits and then, of course, had to have one. Can't afford anything big, but the bags are to die for.


The Temptress :}:}:}