Saturday, February 17, 2007

Totally Non-Knitting Post

Great Big Sea will be playing at Attuck's Theater, in Norfolk, VA on April 16th!!! WHoooo Hooooo. I already have tickets. My son, sisters, niece, and some friends are going. I think we'll stalk the band and beg autographs and photos just like we did last year when they played at GWU in DC.

This year I won't buy a black t-shirt (autographs don't show unless one remembers to bring silver sharpies)!!!! and I will bring my own sharpies. ;) The band members were very kind and signed our tickets and other items.

Would it be VERY wrong to allow the teenagers to skip their morning H.S. classes? What about me... can I stay out late and skip my 8:00 class? ;)

This Newfoundland trio have several CDs and are VERY popular in Canada. Check out their music... My favorite CDs are UP and Play.

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